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Hedera network data accessed via GraphQL. Spend less time writing API calls and more time building experiences.

Hedera ℏ + GraphQL

hgraph.io is a GraphQL API that exposes data from the Hedera network utilizing the expressiveness of GraphQL. Developers ask for exactly what, often in one network call, unlocking insights and actions not possible through other means.

Unlimited possibilities

All of the data available via a mirror node can be queried much more easily using GraphQL. Complex, multiple round trip data queries via the REST API become a breeze with hgraph.io.

Anything that can be built on Hedera, can be built with hgraph.io. hgraph.io leverages the high-throughput, low fees, and transaction speed of the Hedera public ledger with the capabilities of GraphQL.

Blazingly fast

Tired of making 6 REST API calls to access related data? Take a break from REST and query Hedera mirror node data with GraphQL.

Coming soon: Transfering hbar, creating accounts, managing NFT’s are all possible using our prebuilt Mutations. Want to write it your own way? No problem, simply upload your code and we’ll manage the rest for traffic that scales.

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Built for developers who
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...and don’t break things. By leveraging Hedera’s public ledger, developers offload much of the security and reliability concerns that generally require a high level of expertise in building a scalable app. The Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm has the highest degree of security a consensus algorithm can provide - asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT).

All of Hedera's data is available via a GraphQL endpoint. Simplify Hedera mirror node REST queries into 1 GraphQL query. Spend less time writing API calls and more time building experiences.

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NFTs, wallets, & marketplaces

Complex and dynamic user experiences are enriched by a broad set of interconnected data. Real-time network data accessed via GraphQL allows developers to craft incredible user experiences for a variety of use cases.

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Gamification made easy

Quickly gain access to all of the information you'll need for each user from the Hedera network to build out your creative vision. Easily update the mainnet with player interactions and purchases.

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